Swami and Friends by R.K Narayan

I have heard many things about R.K Narayan . I am ashamed to say that I have not read a single book of his till now, him being such a renowned writer not to mention the fact that he was an Indian. I saw his books at a book fair recently.At first , I was hesitant to buy his books ,but then my dad compelled me ,So I ended up buying two of his books .
Better late than never.
The story is about Swami,Mani and Rajam who were foes at first but then went on to become great friends .What I like most in this novel is that I could connect with the characters ,be it Swami ,Mani or Rajam. There would have always been a swami/Mani/Rajam in our school days. At times ,I could relate with swami .It was ironic when Mani ,who was at loggerheads with Rajam in the beginning, was with him till the end .
The writing is simple and clear.This story took me back to my childhood days, where I enjoyed life to the fullest, where the biggest problems was scoring low marks. No boss, No responsibility ,free as a bird.