Life is What You Make It: A Story of Love, Hope and How Determination Can Overcome Even Destiny

In the beginning , we see Ankita, a girl of 21 showing up in a mental institution with her parents .

So what happened to anikta that she had to seek help from the asylum ?

The Rise and fall of Ankita :

Ankita has the perfect life . She has everything . She gets placed into a top management institute in Bombay .She also gets placed into an average institute in Cochin ,where she currently resides.Her boyfriend,Abhi pleads with her to choose Cochin . If given a choice to choose between a top management institute with an average institute .Top institute would be always in our mind .But, an average institute is considered bearable if it means you can be with your love.
We would have been facing a dilemma . But Ankita , she was not facing any dilemma . She was adamant in going to Bombay,She made it clear with her remarks. I thought she was really mean and selfish towards Abhi . Really ,Pride has gone into head . She could have at least made Abhi understand her decision .But no , she was downright rude. Abhi couldn’t take this and ends his life.

This was the first step to her road to depression .

She goes to Bombay .She works hard and tops the class. But in this process, She puts too much pressure on herself without her knowledge .

All hell breaks loose when her past is dug open by her Parents. When she is confronted with the past , all memories of abhi comes flooding back . She couldn’t take it .She tries to end her life .

The Comeback :

She gets admitted into a mental institution . There, with the help of a doctor, she slowly returns back to Normalcy . She makes new friends there, who have been in the same situation as she was .
All turns out good for this lady at last . She gets discharged and goes on to lead a happy life .

Take this book ,when you are feeling down .This book may make you feel good .


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