I loved it! Five stars from me

The Story takes place in Chicago where the society is grouped under five different factions . Abnegation, Candor,Amity, Dauntless and Erudite. Abnegation stands for Selflessness, Candor stands for truth, Amity stands for peace ,Dauntless for bravery and Erudite for Intelligence and then there are also factionless ,people who don’t belong anywhere . A divergent is one who shows more than one traits .For eg: A person may have traits of Candor,Dauntless or Erudite in them.

Tris , a 16-year-old who belongs to abnegation becomes a transfer by choosing Dauntless in the choosing ceremony.At the beginning ,she falters many times in the training under the leadership of Eric. But our feisty heroine comes out with flying colors with the help of her instructor, Tobias.
The Movie actually made me to read the book .In fact, i loved the movie version of Tris more than the book version of Tris.Maybe its the magic of Shailene.
Shailene and Theo,who played the part of Tobias were amazing together.

One thing , i couldn’t agree upon is the fact that when tris’s parents dies,she doesn’t take it hard.The author could have put some more remorse in her character .She was upset,but that is it !! It is forgotten in the later chapters expect for a little reminder.

But altogether ,It was a great read !! This novel can appeal to the teenagers .


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