Sharp Objects

*Warning -Major Spoilers Ahead !! *

Camille Preaker is a reporter based in Chicago . She is sent out to her hometown to investigate the death of two girls . While reading the synopsis , i got the notion that she was going to do a Nancy Drew and solve the case . I was correct since in the end , it was she who solved the case but Nancy Drew was perfect and we would consider her as the perfect role model. In fact , i did once upon a time. But that cant be said about Camille Preaker. She is smart and intelligent , but the thing is, she is damaged physically and mentally.She cuts  words into her skin with sharp objects. i hope you get the idea. This is all due to her troubled past .She started this when she was 13 ,the same year when her sister died. She had always stayed away from home as this was the place which brought the worst out of her.She was never really close to her mother and her half sister whom she barely knew

Now to be thrust again in the hometown, living with people who are like strangers to her was difficult ,but later it gave her an opportunity to solve the mystery surrounding her sister’s death .

There are parts in the book which i found fairly disturbing .
No one is perfect in this book .Gillian flynn just brings out the worst in people and she is not afraid to write about it . We have got to give it her .She creates complex women characters.Be it Amy of Gone Girl or Amma (Camille Preaker’s half sister ) .I have to mention that Amma was really annoying. Gosh,how i hate that girl’s guts .

I would not recommend this book to everyone as this may not be everyone’s cup of tea .All i can say is that i loved it


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