Shamsuddin’s Grave

The rich gets richer ,the poor gets poorer

This is what happens in Shamsuddin’s Grave . It doesn’t say anything about the rich society ,but it is the story of a daily laborer named Shamsuddin. He goes to the big city leaving his family to earn money . Shamsuddin’s moves to Guwahati to provide a better life for his family . But in the end , he loses his family and earns nothing .Even in his death , he didn’t have a place of his own in his graveyard.Even though , it is sad to read , i found the humorous side of it .I know, it sounds weird . But trust me, you would also once you read the grave scene.

There is a love story happening between Lalita who works in NGO and Debjyoti ,her team leader. This book is more of Lalita’s story than Shamsuddin’s irrespective of the title . On the whole, i would like to commend the author for taking a subject based on poverty for her debut novel rather than going the easy way by writing a romance story ,which sells.

This book gave me a indepth knowledge of what the Assamese were going through .The flood which destroyed Shamsuddin’s home is very common in the region of Assam . We are sitting inside the four walled building and don’t know what’s happening outside the world .Books are a great source of knowing what’s happening outside the World . And this book did just that.


All the Light We Cannot See By Anthony Doerr

It was a bittersweet feeling for me after i was done with the book. All the light we cannot see is the story of two children growing up during the Second World War.
Marie has been blind since she was six years old .She lives with her father in Paris and when war breaks out ,she flees to Saint Malo with her dad.
Another parallel story runs through the book , the story of Werner who lives with his sister ,jutta at the Children’s house . Werner gets the attention of Herr Siedler when he repairs a broken radio.
He is transferred to Hitler Youth Group where he befriends Fredrick . Fredrick , who was at the wrong place. Fredrick who loved birds. Though his part was small , his story touched me . To be in a place where he didn’t belong .It is a painful feeling . I had been there . When his classmates started to bully him, i wondered why Werner didn’t do anything about it being his only friend .That is the only part where i disliked Werner .
Even though book is the around 500 pages , Marie and Werner cross path only once in this book ,which makes their relationship even more special . I wish i could have read more of them together but the magic would have been lost .

The beginning was kind of slow ,but it was good.You should not expect everything to happen at once in this book.The story forms slowly and steadily .

There is also another story involved here .The story of a cursed Diamond ,known as the Sea of Flames .All of these stories are interconnected to each other.

A great book !! Big Thumbs Up !!