Shamsuddin’s Grave

The rich gets richer ,the poor gets poorer

This is what happens in Shamsuddin’s Grave . It doesn’t say anything about the rich society ,but it is the story of a daily laborer named Shamsuddin. He goes to the big city leaving his family to earn money . Shamsuddin’s moves to Guwahati to provide a better life for his family . But in the end , he loses his family and earns nothing .Even in his death , he didn’t have a place of his own in his graveyard.Even though , it is sad to read , i found the humorous side of it .I know, it sounds weird . But trust me, you would also once you read the grave scene.

There is a love story happening between Lalita who works in NGO and Debjyoti ,her team leader. This book is more of Lalita’s story than Shamsuddin’s irrespective of the title . On the whole, i would like to commend the author for taking a subject based on poverty for her debut novel rather than going the easy way by writing a romance story ,which sells.

This book gave me a indepth knowledge of what the Assamese were going through .The flood which destroyed Shamsuddin’s home is very common in the region of Assam . We are sitting inside the four walled building and don’t know what’s happening outside the world .Books are a great source of knowing what’s happening outside the World . And this book did just that.


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