The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Roy weaves a beautiful story .The story which is set in Kerala, juggles between the past and the present . The characters are well etched . Everyone has got a story of their own. If Estha and Rahel’s (who are the main protagonists)relationship, forms the exterior part of the novel,the interior part of the novel tells the forbidden relationship between Ammu and Velutha. Ammu is the mother of Rahel and Estha and Velutha is a menial worker ,who works in Ammu’s house.
Estha and Rahel’s relationship is just the coating encircling the Sweet and bitter relationship of ammu and velutha’s.Caste System which is prevalent in India is brought to light by the author. Ammu,who belongs to the upper class family gets into relationship with Velutha and the consequences they have to face as a result of this is what the story is about . I felt so bad for Ammu and Velutha. Ammu had to die a lonely death .To die with no one by their side,How lonely can it get ! and i cant even talk about poor Velutha . Velutha is imprisoned and and is beat to death .His only crime was that he was born into a poor family .

Roy describes the story in a beautiful language ,though i thought in the end it became strained .She manages to capture the essence of Kerala.It is rare to see these kind of detailed writing in an Indian Author .Only few Indian Writers have done that and she is one among the few


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