Hey everyone ,

I am Annette . I am from Kerala , but currently living in Chennai .I always loved books .You could always see with me a book . For a few months , i had been thinking about creating a blog . And suddenly , out of the blue when an author approached me for a review of a book he wrote , i took the plunge. I will be sharing book reviews in my blog since i am comfortable in doing that .But i hope to share my life stories and christian thoughts as the time goes ,when i get more comfortable with the blog.

Please do follow my blog for more updates .


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  1. Hi, your blog is really beautifully designed. I really really love it. Best of luck.As you said me earlier can you please say that how to subscribe the blog?

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  2. Dear Annete Mathews,
    Please can you review the book ‘Peace Parity Prosperity’ authored by me. The theme of the book is to solve the problems of poverty and crime in human society. This looks your favorite topic. Please feel free to write what I need to do for the review.


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