Initial Thoughts after Reading :

I feel numb . Someone please wake me up from this delirium.
No , wait a minute I am not numb.I am freaking mad at you Roth !! Why did you have to do that !? That was stupid and unfair .

How am I going to get out this phase !?

*Major Spoilers Ahead *

This is third and the final installment in the Divergent Series. The first book , Divergent was amazing which led me to pick Insurgent with high hopes. It was an average read. It was not that i did not like it but i found the pace to be too slow in the first half of Insurgent . I was on a reading slump and took this book on a whim. Guess what , this book got me out of my Reading Slump phase and put me in mourning phase instead.

In Insurgent , we saw Evelyn (Four’s Mother ) become a whole new leader for the faction less . Four joins with her . There is a whole new army forming now. The Chicago is surrounded by wired fence and these people wants to go outside the fence. They call themselves the Allegiant.
Now that there are no factions , there is chaos in the city . Some people wants the whole system back , the others wants the opposite .And then there are some people who doesn’t want any of it and wants to go outside and lead a life of their own . Tris, Four,Tori ,Caleb , Peter ,Uriah ,Christina , Cara etc plans to go outside the fence .
There are lots of deaths happening in the book .Edward dies, Tori dies even before she cross the fence. Uriah dies too. The one who was smiling always .

They cross the fence and stays in the Bureau ,where it is all the same . Where Chicago was divided by Factions based on personality traits ,the Bureau is divided into Genetically pure and genetically damaged .People who are divergent falls under the genetically pure which means there is no damage in their genes . Come on , guys , what is with all the divisions ?!
The one thing which i felt weird was how Tris, four and their friends haven’t even heard of what an aeroplane was. They don’t even know what The United States of America was. They were living in a society without knowing that there is a whole new world outside of them .

The whole society in Chicago was all an experiment .It was a fully a lie. Can you believe it ?Scientist who are working in the Bureau was putting the GP(Genetically pure) and GD (genetically damaged ) into a society and experimenting them. I know, the information is a lot to take !! And now for another shocker , Four is not a divergent . Both Tris and Four gets tested in the Bureau .Tris tested positive while four didn’t . Yes, there were so many surprises in this book which kept me hooked even though the scientific part was little bit confusing .And the biggest shocker of all is Tris dying in the end . I mean , why does it have to be her !! I wanted a happy ending for Tris and Four .It was agonizing to read that part where Tobias comes in search of Tris only to hear the news of Tris’s death . Who would have thought that Tris would become selfless at the end .It should have been Caleb in her place . Gosh i hated reading that part .urghhhhhhhh . I can’t even imagine how am i gonna watch Shailene go through these in the movie . Even though , Four aka Tobias lose Tris ,He unites with Evelyn .She kind of chooses Tobias over her army.So at least something to cheer about .

I am going to quote some lines , which inspired me

There are so many ways to be brave in this world .
Sometimes bravery involves laying down your life for something bigger than yourself ,or for someone else.
Sometimes it involves giving up everything you have ever known , or everyone you have ever loved,for the sake of something greater.But sometimes it doesn’t .
Sometimes, its nothing more than gritting your teeth through pain ,and the work of every day ,the slow walk toward a better life .
That is the sort of bravery I must have now IMG_20160516_172506